What constitutes a "delivery window" or "spread dates?"

With Vanderbilt's selected preferred movers you will always be guaranteed a specific load date. for delivery you will typically have a pre-determined delivery window based on the weight of your belongings and the distance of your move. Your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or scoode@alexanders.net) will explain the applicable spread of delivery dates for your move, working with you to establish the best possible delivery window. She also communicates specific delivery information as soon as possible during the move process. Alexander's Mobility Services has a standard of providing 24 hour notification prior to delivery within the delivery wondow, allowing you to plan accordingly. Furthermore, on-time delivery is guaranteed. You will be compensated by Alexander's movers directly for reasonable expenses you incur if your belongings are delivered outside of the agreed delivery window.
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