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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Vanderbilt University relocation program and services. If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please contact your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode, 615.254.8676 ext 7122,, or contact any member of your move team.


Who is our contracted move Supplier?

Alexander's Mobility Services. Alexander's is Atlas Van Lines top agent in both quality and production. Alexander's is located in Nashville, TN with additional offices and warehouses in every region of the United States. They are one of the first moving companies to have earned ISO 9001:2015 Certification for their quality processes.

Who coordinates the move program at Vanderbilt?
Maggie Robinson is the Sourcing Officer in procurement Services assigned as the liaison for Move Services. Maggie is responsible for managing the supplier relationships and to advise the departments and transferees about the program. Her phone number is 615.936.7894 and her email address is
Who coordinates the moves at the Supplier?
Shawn Coode is the Alexander's Mobility Services' Customer Service Representative / Move Coordinator assigned exclusively to Vanderbilt. Call 615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or email Shawn at
Is there a mandatory contract?
Although this program is not mandatory, Alexander's Mobility Services was awarded formal contracts for all of Vanderbilt University. Procurement conducted a comprehensive proposal evaluation involving many major suppliers and selected the partnership of Alexander's Mobility Services for their superior customer service programs, competitive costs and quality assurance systems. Vanderbilt's substantial volume allowed Vanderbilt Procurement to negotiate exceptionally competitive discounts and additional value-added services. In the event of a problem with your move, Vanderbilt's contractual relationship with Alexander's provides all parties with additional coverage.
What value-added services are available?
All transferees receive a free one-time packing debris pickup-service. Just schedule the pick-up with your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7112 or Major appliance hook-up services, crating services for glass and fragile items and reduced rates for storage are just some of the additional services offered. An additional benefit of this program is direct billing to the Vanderbilt department. This eliminates COD transactions and the need for employees to "float" the expense. See additional details under, "Who is responsible for the payment of the invoice?" and "If the final invoice is more than the allowance given to the incoming employee, how does the department handle payment?" below.
Are there special services for VIPs?
Yes. Alexander's can provide custom services for special moves. Contact Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or for more details.
Are my household goods insured against damage or loss?
Yes. Your entire shipment is insured up to $100,000 in value at no extra charge. Should the value of your shipment exceed this amount, additional coverage is available at a very reduced rate. This insurance coverage is an added benefit of this program.
Who is responsible for the payment of the invoice?
Vanderbilt is responsible for payment of the full amount of the invoice. Each department bringing in a new employee will assume the responsibility of payment of invoices under this program. However, if the employee selects a non-contract Supplier, the employee is responsible for paying the Supplier's invoice and to request reimbursement from the hiring department.
If the final invoice is more than the allowance given to the incoming employee, how does the department handle payment?
The total invoice amount will be paid by the home department. If the final invoice exceeds the allowance given to the employee for the move, the employee must reimburse the department. There is no exchange of money between the incoming employee and the Supplier.
How do I contact the Supplier for an estimate?
To request a move estimate from the Supplier, contact Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or Vanderbilt administration can also use the online move order request form or refer to the move team information for more contact options.
How do I receive information about the move process?

Each new incoming employee will receive a "move pack" from Alexander's by email, fax or mail (whichever is preferred). The move pack explains in detail the steps taken by the Supplier during the move. It includes all rules, regulations and exceptions, if any, that apply to the move. More information may be found under Guidelines for a Successful Move.

How can I track my move shipment?
To locate your move shipment, contact your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or
I need to transport my automobile. How is this handled?
Alexander's is equipped to ship your car either on board the moving van or with a third-party car carrier. Alexander's will provide you with a cost estimate for shipping your car based on your situation. Conatct your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or for an estimate and specific details.
Are international relocations covered under this program?

Yes. As an Atlas Van Lines agent, Alexander's Mobility Services is able to coordinate and manage any type of international move. Visit the Atlas Van Lines International or Atlas Van Lines (Canada) for a services overview. All international and cross-border Canada moves and move estimates are handled by your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or Please contact Shawn if you have any questions about these services.

Does this contract cover laboratory/clinical equipment moves?
Yes. This contract between Alexander's Mobility Services and Vanderbilt Univesity covers any laboratory or clinical equipment needed to be moved in relation to the relocation of a new employee. Alexander's is fully equipped to accommodate the needs of any unusual or special requirements necessary for the transport of specialized equipment. All moves for laboratory and clinical equipment require prior approval from the hiring department. Contact your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or for more details.
What constitutes a "delivery window" or "spread dates?"
With Vanderbilt's selected preferred movers you will always be guaranteed a specific load date. for delivery you will typically have a pre-determined delivery window based on the weight of your belongings and the distance of your move. Your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or will explain the applicable spread of delivery dates for your move, working with you to establish the best possible delivery window. She also communicates specific delivery information as soon as possible during the move process. Alexander's Mobility Services has a standard of providing 24 hour notification prior to delivery within the delivery wondow, allowing you to plan accordingly. Furthermore, on-time delivery is guaranteed. You will be compensated by Alexander's movers directly for reasonable expenses you incur if your belongings are delivered outside of the agreed delivery window.
Does the Supplier guarantee their pick-up and delivery dates?
Yes. Vanderbilt Supplier Alexander's Mobility Services guarantees a one-day pick-up service and will provide compensation if they fail to keep either the pick-up or delivery window dates.
How do I contact the Supplier after hours?
An Alexander's Supplier Hot Line has been set up and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any critical service needs that might occur after hours. Contact Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode 615.254.8575.
How do I file a claim in the event of loss or damage?
Claims are processed directly through your Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or Shawn will ensure your claim is processed quickly and efficiently.
What if I have a complaint about these services?
Alexander's Move Coordinator, Shawn Coode (615.254.8575 ext. 7122 or will immediately address any complaints or customer satisfaction issues.