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"Making Your Move" with Alexander's Mobility Services

Life can get hectic when you are on the move. Your Alexander's move team wants you to have the knowledge and resources to make your upcoming move the most successful experience possible. That is why we created the Alexander's "Moving Toolkit." Take a few moments to explore our collection of information, tips and resources here in the Moving Toolkit; and watch our Moving with Alexander's video on YouTube. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have, because we are ready to assist in every way.


Alexander's "Moving Out of the Box" Toolkit

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Ready, Set, Sell! 10 Tips on Home Staging

Consider these tips on home staging when preparing your home for sale. Be sure to catch our video on YouTube about the Alexander's "Stage & Store Program." Go to Ready, Set, Sell! Tips on Home Staging

Packing 101

We have put together some pointers and best practices to help you with packing your household belongings, equipment and personal items. Go to Packing 101.

What to Expect on Moving Day

This photo album tells a moving story: From start to finish, here is a collection of pictures demonstrating facilities, transportation, house protection, moving unusual items, storage and more. Go to What to Expect on Moving Day.

All About "Inventory"

Your home moving inventory is a list of items to be moved with notes on the pre-existing condition of each piece. Learn more about the inventory process including recording items of high value. Go to All About Inventory.

Helpful Services and Resources

Are you moving a turtle or a piano or an antique grandfather clock? How about a car? Our list of some of the specialty service providers we've worked with may help you find a local resource. Go to Helpful Services and Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ page for answers to some common questions about household moving. Go to Frequently Asked Questions.


Meet Your Alexander's Move Team


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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
We're ready to assist in every way. Meet Your Alexander's Move Team.