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Let's Get Moving!

Selecting the right moving company can seem like a huge leap of faith. You are inviting complete strangers into your home to move your treasured possessions. It is comforting to know that since 1953 families like yours have trusted Alexander's to handle their moves with the utmost care and consideration.

Please take a few moments to explore our collection of photos demonstrating the quality of our facilities, the care we take to protect your home and belongings, and the professionalism of our people.

Alexander's Warehouses and Moving Vans

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Alexander's Minneapolis office Alexander's Minneapolis office and warehouse Household goods vaults in Alexander's Minneapolis warehouse Alexander's tractor-trailer at Minneapolis warehouse Inside an Alexander's moving van Alexander's moving van on the road in winter
Facilities & Equipment Our facilities are top of the line. Alexander's has over 820,000 square feet of premier, professionally staffed warehouse space at our locations across the U.S. Every Alexander's warehouse, including our Twin Cities, MN location, has received Atlas honors and quality award recognition for warehousing, superior packing and document compliance. We are also sticklers when it comes to the quality and condition of our equipment. For an Alexander's van operator, the truck represents his livelihood and he cares for it the way a master craftsman safeguards his tools. He is committed to its proper maintenance, cleanliness and safe operation.

Storing Your Goods

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Loading a household goods storage vault Partially crated antique furniture A fully packed household goods storage vault Partially loaded storage vault containing cartons Preparing to load full household goods storage vault into moving van 00215 15A 00215 17A
Storage Whether you need to store your goods for days, weeks or months, Alexander's provides safe storage for your household goods. Our Twin City warehouse offers clean, secure storage with complete fire suppression, video surveillance and restricted access. All Alexander's warehouses have earned the Atlas distinction of "superior" for their organization, security, risk management and overall impression.

House Protection

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Protection Protecting your belongings is important to us. Alexander's moving crews take great care to protect the surfaces of your home at both origin and destination during your move. We use a variety of materials and equipment to ensure floor, walls, doors, door jambs, stairs, banisters and railings are safeguarded from damage.

On the Job

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Moving Day With Alexander's, you get an experienced team of professional movers to help make your relocation and transition safer and easier. Your Alexander's team brings the right equipment and tools for the job and utilizes proven furniture moving techniques to ensure the safe handling and transport of every furnishing in your home, even when moving the largest and most awkward pieces. Our crews know the best packing and preparation techniques for different types of furniture and appliances, pad-wrapping and/or shrink-wrapping and securing them during loading to ensure they arrive in the same condition as they left.

Taking Care of Your Treasured Belongings

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Moving Unusual Items Whether babying a baby grand piano, caring for a handcrafted heirloom antique, or moving an entire room of gym equipment, Alexander's transports thousands of special items each year. Our people bring the skills, equipment and care that special items need.