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Truck Unloading At Home

Understanding Your Inventory

Your inventory is a list of items to be moved with notes on the pre-existing condition of each piece. When you are moving out of state or moving your household goods into storage, an inventory of your goods will be done by the driver. Every item is listed and receives a numbered sticker.

Moving In

The Inventory Process

After completing your inventory the driver will sign each page and ask you to do the same. It is important before signing that you make sure your inventory lists every item in your shipment and entries regarding the condition of each item are accurate. When your shipment is delivered, if items are missing or damaged, your ability to recover any loss or damage may depend on the notations made in the inventory.

Your Responsibility at Origin

Before the crew leaves your residence it is your responsibility to make sure they have loaded everything you want them to take. Do a thorough walk-through with the driver to be sure nothing is left behind. Once the crew leaves your origin residence, anything left behind is your responsibility to move.

Your Responsibility at Destination

When your shipment is delivered it is your responsibility to check off items delivered against the items listed on the inventory. As the items are brought into the new residence, the movers will call off the numbers to you. Important: Any property damage, damaged cartons or missing items must be noted and acknowledged by the driver at the time of delivery. If you choose to waive the right to check off items at delivery, you cannot be compensated for missing items.

Antique Chest

High Value Inventory

This is a special inventory for items in your shipment valued in excess of $100.00 per pound per article. The purpose of this inventory is to identify these extraordinary value items to the packers and driver. Typical items include jewelry, gold, silver, silverware, china, crystal, figurines, furs, antiques, art, computer software and rare collectibles.

High Value Inventory Form

You will receive a High Value Inventory Form from the driver. List your high value items on this form. When the packers and driver arrive, point out these items and they will take extra precaution with these items and enter the inventory numbers on the form.

More Information...

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