Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?

Yes, however, the cost and level of protection depends on the valuation program you choose: Full-Value Protection Coverage or Limited Liability, which is 60 cents per pound per article.

The valuation option you select determines the basis upon which any claim will be adjusted and establishes the maximum liability of the moving company. The liability of the mover for loss or damage is based on the tariff, federal laws and regulations and has limitations and exclusions. Valuation is not insurance. It is simply a tariff-based level of motor carrier liability. If you desire insurance, you should consult your insurance company representative about available coverage. Moving companies do not offer insurance.

A. Released Rate Liability (Basic Coverage)

With this type of valuation the moving company maximum liability for loss or damage to any article in the shipment is 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the article. This is the basic liability level and is provided at no charge.

B. Full Value Protection Coverage

Under this protection plan if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while under the mover's interstate authority, the mover will either...

  1. Repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition it was when received or pay for the cost of such repairs; or
  2. Replace the article with an article of like kind and quality or pay for the cost to replace the article. An additional charge applies for this option. The moving company will determine the appropriate settlement method to be used.


Full Value Protection Coverage with and without deductible options are available. The deductible options are:

  • Option A -- Full Value Protection with no deductible
  • Option B -- Full Value Protection with a $250 deductible
  • Option C -- Full Value Protection with a $500 deductible


Items of Extraordinary Value

In the moving industry items having a value of more than $100 per pound are known as articles of extraordinary value. These articles in your shipment must be listed on a High Value Inventory Form which you are to complete and give to the driver. Although you might have other articles of extraordinary value, the following list of examples may help you identify items falling under this classification:

  • Jewelry
  • Furs
  • Art, stamp and coin collections
  • Crystal
  • Figurines
  • Antiques
  • Oriental rugs
  • Precious stones or gems
  • China and silverware


In the event of a claim, any settlement involving an article of extraordinary value listed on the High Value Inventory Form is...

  • limited to the value of the article
  • not to exceed the declared value of the shipment
  • based upon the moving company's valuation program


If an article of extraordinary value is not listed on the High Value Inventory Form you will not receive more than $100 per pound per article. If you are not shipping any high value items, sign the form and print the word "None" in the inventory list. 

Shipments moving under the Released Limited Liability program in which the declared value of the shipment is $0.60 per pound per article, would not be covered by the provisions applicable to articles of extraordinary value. The High Value Inventory Form should still be signed with the words "Not Applicable" written on the form.

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