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Joshua Flatt

National Account Executive
Alexander's Mobility Services
800.722.6286 ext. 1363 / @flattythemover

Joshua Flatt Profile (PDF Download)


Joshua Flatt oversees the Irvine Company Office Properties commercial move program ensuring proper execution of services to its customers. He inspects Alexander's compliance to The Irvine Company's preferred supplier program, evaluates Alexander's overall effectiveness of the move process against the program's specifications, and develops strategies and best practices to enhance Alexander's service program for Irvine Company Office Properties customers. Josh's primary responsibilities include:

  • Full project oversight and management responsibilities
  • Planning and execution of commercial and office relocation projects
  • Overall on-site and off-site responsibility for project progressions, workflow and execution
  • Cost control and adherence to contract terms

Joshua directs the Alexander's commercial move team assigned to Irvine Company Office Properties in each of The Irvine Company's geographical areas. The move team's responsibilities include: 

  • Receiving requests for quote and providing move estimates
  • Scheduling appointments for and performing visual surveys and walk-throughs
  • Receiving and processing new move order initiations
  • Day-to-day planning, budgeting, scheduling and execution of each move or project
  • Overseeing on-site and off-site project managers, supervisors, drivers and crews
  • Working closely with any other Irvine Company Office Properties suppliers that may be required for a move or project
  • Post-move follow-up communications, quality assurance and performance evaluations
  • Keeping Irvine Company Office Properties updated in real-time on move dates and logistics

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