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"Making Your Move" with Alexander's Mobility Services

Life can get quite hectic when you're on the move. FM Relocation Services carefully selected Alexander's as it's preferred relocation partner because of our award winning service and our responsiveness to the relocation needs of people like you. We want to make your upcoming move as easy and stress free as possible. We'll help you plan the details of your move, communicating what moving services FM Relocation has authorized and answering any questions you might have through the move process.

Alexander's moving guide can help! We've provided an overview of key things to know in our "Making Your Move" information packet, which you can download below. Please also review our detailed moving guidelines which provides important information you need to know before, during and after your move.

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Your Alexander's Information Move Packet Making Your Move with Alexander's (PDF download).
Moving Guidelines Read and review detailed moving guidelines.


"Making Your Move with Alexander's" move packet topics include...

  • Planning your move and pre-move survey
  • What to expect on moving day
  • Your responsibilities during tansit
  • Delivery day -- what happens when we get to your new home
  • What you should know about storage
  • Understanding valuation -- "transit coverage"
  • Filing a claim
  • Post move activities
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Helpful hints
  • Packing and moving materials 
  • Know your paperwork
  • A week-by-week move calendar with tips
  • Glossary of forms and paperwork


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Contact your Alexander's customer service representative for assistance with any questions, concerns, challenges or special needs you may have to make your move the best experience possible.